Proud Flesh published!

Proud Flesh is Ginger Manley's debut novel about the Trollop Triplets Sisterhood. With themes of sex, God, and the redemptive power of flat foot dancing, the lives of California-based celebrity sex therapist Dr. Carroll Murphy and Tennessee cousins Trixie and Peggy entwine for eight years as Trixie and Peggy invite and Carroll resists entry into a sisterhood that nurtures and sustains through many life issues familiar to women who grew up in the second half of the twentieth century. Through myriad messes and fixes, Carroll counsels the cousins all the time pushing away her own family baggage that eventually blindsides her during an epic meltdown on Mother's Day weekend, 2004.

When California-based celebrity sex therapist Dr. Carroll Murphy boards a plane from D.C. to Los Angeles via Nashville in 1998, she has no idea how her life is about to change. Seated between Trixie and Peggy, middle-aged Nashville cousins who are returning home from a family wedding, Carroll endures two-hours of non-stop chatting about the wedding and especially about the founding the previous night of the Music City Trollops Sisterhood and A-List Book Club, whose motto is “We may be easy but we are never cheap.” In Carroll’s non-stop life of sitting in the therapist chair, writing best-selling books, lecturing to graduate students, and guesting on Oprah and other shows, she has no time for foolishness, friends, family, or dancing, all of which occupy the lives of her seatmates. Much as she tries to avoid being drawn in to their circle, she is blind-sided by her own family baggage which culminates in a meltdown of epic proportions on Mothers’ Day weekend 2004. Readers who came of age after the middle of the twentieth century will see themselves and their peers in every page of Proud Flesh: Sex, God, and the Redemptive Power of Flat Foot Dancing.

On Monday April 11 at 6:30 PM Proud Flesh will officially be launched at Parnassus Books in Nashville. For those who cannot be at Parnassus for the celebration, books can be pre-ordered for shipment in early April.

Ginger Manley lives in Franklin TN. She has spent almost fifty years as a nurse practitioner and certified sex therapist. Since her retirement from practice in 2006 she has published three other books–Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Caring and Protection, Assisted Loving: The Journey through Sexuality and Aging, and Disarmed: An Exceptional Journey. Proud Flesh is Manley’s debut novel. She can be reached at

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