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December 31, 2015
Oh lord, Honey. What a mess is going on what with those folks in Pennsylvania arresting that ole Bill Cosby and some 60-odd women coming forward to say he assaulted them and such. why I never would have believed that anybody could actually press charges against him cause he has been so high and mighty but then really how can you just ignore that many women saying pretty much the same thing, and honey, do you know what I learned from some of the younger girls–well these days pretty much everybody is younger than me but anyway–these girls what are in the Music City A-List Book Club and Trollop Triplets Sorority, Alpha Chapter thank you very much, what meets right here in you-know-what city–well, if you don’t I’ll just give you a tiny little hint–it starts with Nash and ends with ville–well anyway Dimples who is one of those T sisters of mine, she told us at the last meeting that there is a name for what people do to girls who get blamed for their own downfall when they are victims of men’s actions and honey, please excuse my French, but Dimples says it is called slut shaming and I know Rainey would turn over in her grave if she knew I had used that word–all the time I was growing up she just would not say any of those bad words but I always knew what she was meaning if she said shi or slu–just because she left off the t did not mean I did not get her drift and when I got to be a teenager I even added the t sometimes and she would just about explode if she heard me say those words, but honey, they are just words and what harm do they do unless you go out and use them in the street, but anyway, when Dimples said slut shaming was a way people in control use to keep women quiet I knew exactly what she meant cause that is what Ole Frank (rest in peace) my second ex-husband used to do when I would get all fancied up to go out with him and then guys would try to hit on me and after we got home Frank would light into me and say it was all my fault and I deserved his punishment, and Oh lord, honey, just putting all that together and telling you about this has just about worn me out, but thank you for listening. And one more tiny thing, that writer lady what has done the life story of the Trollops, why she says the whole theme of that book–she named it Proud Flesh: The Trollops Sisterhood–isn’t that just about the cutest name in the whole wide world?–anyway, she says the theme of that book has to do with slut shaming and the way women get through it with the help of their sisters and I just cannot wait to read that book when it comes out next year–that would be in 2016, which it almost is right now since today is December 31, 2015–and so I hope you and all your girlfriends will want to read it, too. She told me she will have lots more information for me to tell you in a few weeks and I am just so excited I am about to pee.
And lookie here, that little bitty baby dog, my Strudel, he just popped his head right up when he heard me say pee and now he’s strutted himself right over to his doggie door, which he can open just fine all by himself but he just knows I will do it for him if he whines a little so I better get over there or he will raise a big old fuss and then the neighbors will hear him and get worried and who knows what kind of mess that would be.
Nightie night and Happy New Year!
Your friend,
PS If you are going to mess with fireworks tonight–and I for sure am not going to do that, but if you are, please be sure you get your doggies in a safe place cause they really don’t like all that she-bang.

PSS Here is a picture that writer lady–Ginger T. Manley–asked me to post because she said it shows that no matter how old somebody gets they can still enjoy dancing. It’s from a story in the National Parks magazine for winter 2015.

Older woman dancer12302015_0000

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