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July 23, 2015
Oh, lord, Honey. That man is driving me nuts and this time it is not about gay marriage, which he is tolerating pretty well, given that Calvin and Bruce had their big old wedding over the 4th of July with a rainbow on their wedding cake and all and, Honey, it was just about the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to and even though E.R. did not go, he told me I looked pretty in my MOTG dress that I had bought at the consignment store and Calvin had done my hair just like he did it for Faye’s wedding all those years ago and, Honey, Faye and Mark were there and little Moses (well, he’s not so little any more) was the ring bearer, and Peggy and Troy and their kids and those kids’ kids and just about everyone in our whole family and in Bruce’s family were there and we just had about as much fun as we had at Faye’s big old wedding in 1998 and here it is 2015, and Honey, I was worn out for sure afterwards but I am so happy for my son and his husband, even if E.R. will not call Bruce that.
But, Honey, here’s the thing. E.R. and his church folks are up in arms about all this confederate flag stuff and do you know that right here in Music City USA, we have us a statue of that Confederate General Forrest on a horse and it is the ugliest thing you have ever seen but it sits there beside the road on I-65 and anybody traveling on their way to or from Birmingham have to pass that old thing by and there are not just one but 12 of those Confederate states flags on poles surrounding General Forrest and Metro government wanted the state of Tennessee to plant trees to block the view of drivers passing by but the state said it could not do that and even if it did the man who owns all those flag poles had already ordered even taller poles so those flags could fly up above any trees and such, and Honey, it has just about worn me out to hear E.R. go on about this. His church is really in support of doing away with the Confederate flag and I think they were plotting to go and protest at the statue just like they have protested at the naked statue on Music Row and at the Athena statue in the Parthenon but then they found out they could get in a lot of trouble if they showed up with signs and such, especially if they were wearing their firearms even though he says every single one of them has a permit to carry, and Honey, I have just been worried to death that he will go and get himself killed, but oh, lord, they finally found something useful to do, and now his church people are standing in front of recruiting centers to keep those poor soldiers and sailors safe after what happened in Chattanooga and I am all for this because as you know that bad Arab boy what shot those people worked right here in Franklin which is just next door to Nashville and maybe there are more like him out there and the next thing you know E.R’s church people will be standing guard outside their church right there on the back lot of the Beautique Salon and Day Spa, and we will not even be able to get any of our customers to come in and whatever, and Honey, it just makes me completely worn out to think of this, so I think I will just go and make myself a margarita and try to chill a bit.
And one more thing, you remember how I have been telling you that that lady writer who is going to publish the book about the Trollops sisterhood, well Honey, she has given me a sneak peak at the cover of the book and, lord, Honey, there are all our Trollops’ feet just flat-footing away while we were in Florida and I am just so tickled to be a Cover Girl. Rainey, bless her heart, she would be so proud of me. So here it is for you to see, too, Honey. She says it may change a little but that I will still be right there dancing and that makes me so happy.

mock cover

Well, Strudel needs to go tee-tee and I will say goodnight.
Your friend,

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    1. Thanks! You are my first commenter–I need to get some swag for you. I just learned what that is today and Honey, you better believe I will have me some pretty sparkly swag soon. Your friend, Trixie.

    1. Oh, Lynette, Honey, you are just the sweetest person in the whole wide world, and even though I don’t know the meaning of half those big words I will show them to that lady writer what is doing our biography and she will just be so happy. Strudel says “hi.” Your friend, Trixie.

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