Sorority life

Trixie working on her next blog entry.

Oh lord, honey, can you believe it is really about time for school to start and I don’t mean just elementary and high school, but those colleges are getting all wound up with new students coming in and whatever and honey, those sorority girls are at it again doing that rush thing that they do every year and I declare, if they had any idea how their lives will be full of rushing after they get out of college and start down those career paths or mom paths or whatever it is they are preparing themselves to do in life I just do not think they would get so wound up in trying to be the smartest or most beautiful or most popular young lady what ever crossed the threshold of a sorority house and hoped to receive a bid from this one or that one cause in reality we are all, every one of us ladies, we are really and truly sisters but they just think they need to be in one or the other Greek letter clubs and have a pin and be initiated and what the heck, that sounds just like us Trollops what have our own motto namely “we may be easy but we are never cheap” and we have our own pin, even though it is not a pin at all but just the Greek letters TTT made out of poster board what stands for our name The Trollop Triplets and we have our own initiation service that is really sweet and what talks about why we all need friendship and we have some secret stuff that I can’t tell you about but it tastes good and we just drink a little bit of it at a time and we have our special T shoes and socks what I have showed you before and if you want me to I will show you again and, honey, don’t you know we just love each other and we think it is really special to have what that lady writer Ginger Manley calls our friendship network that will help us get through whatever life gives us and that is why all girls need sisterhoods and why I guess those college girls are in such a rush to get their names listed in the bidding so they can have more sisters, bless their hearts.

But here’s the thing, Pat Summit has died. Now I’m sure you and just about everybody else on this planet knew that but did you know she was in a sorority when she went to college and she stayed friends with those girls for ever and ever and she had about 162 young women what played on the Lady Vols teams for her all those years and those ladies were a kind of sorority themselves because they gathered around each other and played so hard and so well and I just think Pat was about the best woman what ever came out of Tennessee or out of any other state in the union and I miss her so much even if I only just saw her in person one time and that was at a distance. May she rest in peace.

So now Mr. Strudel is wagging that tail and telling me to let him go tee-tee so I will say goodnight and if you want to know more about us Trollops why just get that Proud Flesh book from a bookstore or on the Internet and you can learn our life story.

Good night.

Your friend,


PS I think there might be some new girls what will join our sorority this fall cause there are just so many wannabe Trollops out there rushing around and if they slow down they might decide they are one of us. Honey, that would make us so proud!

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