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Mother’s Day


Oh, lord, Honey, I just do not know where the time goes but it has for sure been flying by and now it is almost Memorial Day and I did not even write you about Mother’s Day, which as you are aware is one of the most important days in the whole entire year for us T’s since it is all because we are mothers (or maybe we tried to be a T but weren’t successful or we had a mother who was a T or maybe one of our friends was an early mother or maybe we just like to hang out with T’s–whatever, ’cause you do remember I am sure that our motto is “we are easy but never cheap”) that we are even T’s and, well, Honey, all my four children did seem to have gotten a tiny bit behind on their correspondence and have not as yet sent me a Mother’s Day card, but that is really okay with me because I just do not really think that Hallmark ought to lay guilt trips on every single one of us what have a  mother and tell us we need to send her flowers or cards or candy on one day a year and really and truly, I would just rather that my kids would call me up any old time and tell me they are thinking about me instead of making it all happen on one day in May, but I realize not everybody feels this way and so if you did or did not get something special from one of your young uns I hope you still felt special and you did something nice for yourself like I did for myself when I marched myself down to the Kroger’s flower shop and picked out a little bitty orchid growing in a pot and I put my $15 on the counter and just held my nose up in the air and put my orchid on the table by my front door and I thought about how pretty it is and Honey, even that E.R. noticed it when he came in from his EMT shift and he asked me where it came from and I said a secret admirer and he just smiled and shook his head and pointed to Strudel and I grinned and thought to myself if that little dog had even fifty cents in his pocket (that is, if he had a pocket) why he would for sure buy me a flower because he does for sure love me and so now I just thank him for my orchid every morning and every night and we are both happy.

And, Honey, here is something really weird. That Ginger Manley was strumming through some photos put up by her Face Book friends and she came upon this picture

Pair of shoes in row against wall

of all these white canvas Keds just lined up in a row and then there was one big ole pair of red Converse high tops sitting right smack dab in the middle and it got her giggling and wondering who is trying to move into our group that might not really belong there since they don’t yet have the required shoes and that made her giggle some more and to think about our motto, and so she said they can be T’s pledges if they want to be in red high tops but by the time they get to be initiated, surely to goodness they will have the right shoes since it might be hard to flat foot in those clod hoppers, and Honey, do you know when she has been in parts of the country where folks don’t know about flat footing, she has been asked what it is and one woman even said she had been flat-footed all her life and had been dancing, too, so is that what it means to be a flat-footer! Oh, lord, the things some people will say.

And, here’s the last thing, that Proud Flesh book has now come out in eBook format, meaning if you have a Kindle or a Nook or another type of tablet reader you can just download it and take it with you anywhere if you don’t have room to pack our story in your suitcase or your purse. But somehow one of those Internet stores says a hard cover version of the book will cost $91 and to tell you the truth, I think one of those hackers from Russia or China must have got in there and put that up ’cause even though our story is pretty special, I don’t think there’s anybody going to pay that much to read it.

Strudel says he would, though, if he had $91. Bark! Bark!

Your friend,


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