Proud Flesh goes live

Oh, lord, honey, what a big deal it was last night at that big old Parnassus Book Store in Music City when that lady writer, Ginger T. Manley, when she took to the floorIMG_8776 and began to tell everybody about our story, and oh honey, do I wish I could have been there with my little bitty baby dog, Strudel, but as you may know I have been feeling poorly of late and I just could not get myself all fluffed up to be there much as my heart and soul wanted to be, so I just sat right here in my double wide wearing my white canvas Keds and my ankle socks on and with my iPad right in front of me  and waited for Ginger to send me some photos and Honey, don’t you just know, that almost as soon as that party was over why here came those photographs just streaming themselves through cyberspace and now I feel like I was almost there because I can see some of the people what were there IMG_8789and

then Ginger Manley  raised up her foot and showed everybody what is the official apparel of the Trollops IMG_8787and

then I could even can see her and that husband of hers flat footing IMG_8797and oh, lord, honey I could just feel my feet starting to dance when that lady musician by the name of Kathy Chiavola started singing Rocky Top and then the dancing began and, why honey, that was just the sweetest sound in the whole wide world and I just started to cry from happiness but then Strudel did not know I was happy and he thought something might be sad so he jumped up in my lap and started to lick my face and to bark at the iPad and I guess he was just hoping one of those shop dogs at Parnassus would bark back at him and let him know everything was okey dokey but then we both had to go tee tee so I put my iPad to the side and we took care of our business and then sat ourselves right back down and read what Ginger said about how nice everybody had been and how they listened so politely to my story about Rainey’s (rest her soul) memorial service and they asked lots of questions and one of the people even asked if I wanted Peyton to come back to Tennessee and be a coach for the Vols and honey, do you know what that Ginger said–she said she thought I would be happy with that but I would also really like for him to buy the Titans so he could live right here in Music City and then maybe his wife and little girl would come in to the Beautique Salon and Day Spa and get themselves all fixed up and that would be mighty fine, and to tell you the truth, that was exactly what I would have said if I had been to Parnassus myself last night.

So, I am just so happy and now maybe some more people will want to buy one of those Proud Flesh books themselves and read more about the history of the Trollop Triplets and they can do so by going to the Parnassus web site just like about 10 people who couldn’t make it there last night did and oh, lord, honey, those Parnassus folks told Ginger after she signed her name in those books that they would be sending them right away to the people who ordered them from anywhere in the whole wide world–well, maybe only in the United States, whatever. And I just want to say thank you to all the people out there who are liking us and loving us and who might dance a few steps in our shoesTrolloping shoes, cause you know honey, it’s therapy for your broken heart.

Your friend,


Trixie working on her next blog entry.


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  1. I’m with you, Trixie. It would have been wonderful to be there to support Mary Virginia. (Some time you and I will have to have a private talk about her real name). I’m also grateful for the technology that let’s us see her and her boyfriend flat footin’ away but I could not hear “Rocky Top.” I’ll just have to sing along and play the video a few more times to get the full effect.

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