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Oh lord, honey. My knees were just knocking and not because they are artificial ones with metal in them but because I just could not wait for that lady writer to get her mail Mailand then to come over to where I work in the Beautique Salon and Day Spa and show me the very first one ever in the whole wide world Proud Flesh book what she ordered for a proof copy to see if there were any mistakes in it before she told the printer to just open the gates and let that book hit the shelves and the satchels of all those Prime Time Women what she says are the friends of all us Trollops even if we do not know all of them just yet and even if some of them do not yet know they can be T’s just like us and here it is—and, Honey, do you know what, why there was a for sure mistake and so I guess it is like when a baby is born and it has a little something wrong and it has to go right to surgery and get it fixed and then what do you know, a replacement copy came in the mail a few days later and Open (1)

Honey, that little old book is just sparkling perfect and now my story and the story of all us T’s is in real print and starting in about a week just about anybody in the world can order themselves one by calling (615) 953-2243–that would be the number for Parnassus Books here in Nashville, where Ginger Manley is having the first viewing of our book—she calls it a book launch—on April 11, 2016 at 6:30 PM and there is even some information on that store’s web page about the doings and I will be there with Strudel, but I already told you that the last time I wrote and she says it will be about the middle of May before the book will come out as an Ebook so you can just check with one of those Internet book stores after that time but she wants all her friends and their friends to come out to the Parnassus store on April 11 and some of you who come might be lucky enough to get a T’s shirt—isn’t that the cutest thing that a T’s-shirt sounds like a T-shirt—well, it made me laugh anyway, and here’s the thing, I am going to show you one of those shirts right now even though Ginger Manley said I should just let everybody see them at the book party but sometimes I think she needs my help, so here it is

TTT shirt

a real T’s shirt almost just like the Music City Trollops and A-List Book Club were wearing in the book the night Dr. Carroll came to speak to us, and now I wonder if Dr. Carroll will actually want to wear her shirt and maybe she will send us all a picture of her in it, or maybe even better she will show up at that book party in the flesh, so to speak. Oh, lord Honey, I am just about worn out with all these activities and I had better get off the computer in the Beautique Salon and Day Spa because some of those customers may be coming in for their appointments any minute and they will be wanting my full attention, but I just might sneak them a peek of our book since they are probably T’s or T wannabes themselves.

So I will say goodbye for now and I surely do hope to see some of you on April 11 right here in Nashville.

Your friend,


PS And Honey if you want to get in touch with me, just write your name below and send it to me.

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