Trixie retires

Trixie working on her next blog entry.November 12, 2016

Oh lord, Honey, I am wore out with all this election mess and my friends everywhere beingĀ  just in shock and some of them have not yet quit crying and others of them don’t understand why there is crying and it is just about more than an girl like me can handle–can you believe when I went to the polls to try to vote and I showed them my photo just like the one you can see here, some of those poll workers said I could not vote because I don’t really exist–they said I am a work of fiction and only flesh and blood real life individuals can vote and why, anybody who is raised in the south knows we have had our share of elections in which dead people and people in jail and other such folks have voted just like flesh and blood walking around people so why did they target me to be an example–that is such bad manners–but anyway I have decided to just retire from it all and stop writing this blog, which as you can tell I have not been very good with keeping up and going these past few months anyhow, so Honey, this will just be a farewell letter from me and a chance to say how much I have enjoyed our little visits and the chances for me sitting right here in Middle Tennessee to just travel in outerspace right around the world and plop myself down inside your computer and then have a girl chat–why Rainey (bless her dearly departed heart) would just never believe all that has happened in the world these past 15 years. So I will say goodbye now and Honey, this does not mean that that woman writer, Ginger Manley, who just had her tombstone installed with the engraved in stone date she arrived here on this earth but did not put the leaving date on it, Thank the Lord, is going away, too, but she did say I could share this photo img_1106

of her taken in that cemetery with that husband of hers who sometimes acts like Troy but who she has hung around with for almost fifty years now. She says some people have told her the photograph is sweet and seems somewhat hopeful even if some other people found it to be creepy, but I understand exactly why she wanted to be there with her family for time eternal cause that is why I am going to be put in my family bench with my two little puppies and we will be there forever and ever. Amen!

Your friend,


PS Strudel says he does not know whether he wants to be in an urn with me, but I told him that when the time comes he will like it better than he thinks he will now.