Trixie retires

Trixie working on her next blog entry.November 12, 2016

Oh lord, Honey, I am wore out with all this election mess and my friends everywhere being  just in shock and some of them have not yet quit crying and others of them don’t understand why there is crying and it is just about more than an girl like me can handle–can you believe when I went to the polls to try to vote and I showed them my photo just like the one you can see here, some of those poll workers said I could not vote because I don’t really exist–they said I am a work of fiction and only flesh and blood real life individuals can vote and why, anybody who is raised in the south knows we have had our share of elections in which dead people and people in jail and other such folks have voted just like flesh and blood walking around people so why did they target me to be an example–that is such bad manners–but anyway I have decided to just retire from it all and stop writing this blog, which as you can tell I have not been very good with keeping up and going these past few months anyhow, so Honey, this will just be a farewell letter from me and a chance to say how much I have enjoyed our little visits and the chances for me sitting right here in Middle Tennessee to just travel in outerspace right around the world and plop myself down inside your computer and then have a girl chat–why Rainey (bless her dearly departed heart) would just never believe all that has happened in the world these past 15 years. So I will say goodbye now and Honey, this does not mean that that woman writer, Ginger Manley, who just had her tombstone installed with the engraved in stone date she arrived here on this earth but did not put the leaving date on it, Thank the Lord, is going away, too, but she did say I could share this photo img_1106

of her taken in that cemetery with that husband of hers who sometimes acts like Troy but who she has hung around with for almost fifty years now. She says some people have told her the photograph is sweet and seems somewhat hopeful even if some other people found it to be creepy, but I understand exactly why she wanted to be there with her family for time eternal cause that is why I am going to be put in my family bench with my two little puppies and we will be there forever and ever. Amen!

Your friend,


PS Strudel says he does not know whether he wants to be in an urn with me, but I told him that when the time comes he will like it better than he thinks he will now.

Sorority life

Trixie working on her next blog entry.

Oh lord, honey, can you believe it is really about time for school to start and I don’t mean just elementary and high school, but those colleges are getting all wound up with new students coming in and whatever and honey, those sorority girls are at it again doing that rush thing that they do every year and I declare, if they had any idea how their lives will be full of rushing after they get out of college and start down those career paths or mom paths or whatever it is they are preparing themselves to do in life I just do not think they would get so wound up in trying to be the smartest or most beautiful or most popular young lady what ever crossed the threshold of a sorority house and hoped to receive a bid from this one or that one cause in reality we are all, every one of us ladies, we are really and truly sisters but they just think they need to be in one or the other Greek letter clubs and have a pin and be initiated and what the heck, that sounds just like us Trollops what have our own motto namely “we may be easy but we are never cheap” and we have our own pin, even though it is not a pin at all but just the Greek letters TTT made out of poster board what stands for our name The Trollop Triplets and we have our own initiation service that is really sweet and what talks about why we all need friendship and we have some secret stuff that I can’t tell you about but it tastes good and we just drink a little bit of it at a time and we have our special T shoes and socks what I have showed you before and if you want me to I will show you again and, honey, don’t you know we just love each other and we think it is really special to have what that lady writer Ginger Manley calls our friendship network that will help us get through whatever life gives us and that is why all girls need sisterhoods and why I guess those college girls are in such a rush to get their names listed in the bidding so they can have more sisters, bless their hearts.

But here’s the thing, Pat Summit has died. Now I’m sure you and just about everybody else on this planet knew that but did you know she was in a sorority when she went to college and she stayed friends with those girls for ever and ever and she had about 162 young women what played on the Lady Vols teams for her all those years and those ladies were a kind of sorority themselves because they gathered around each other and played so hard and so well and I just think Pat was about the best woman what ever came out of Tennessee or out of any other state in the union and I miss her so much even if I only just saw her in person one time and that was at a distance. May she rest in peace.

So now Mr. Strudel is wagging that tail and telling me to let him go tee-tee so I will say goodnight and if you want to know more about us Trollops why just get that Proud Flesh book from a bookstore or on the Internet and you can learn our life story.

Good night.

Your friend,


PS I think there might be some new girls what will join our sorority this fall cause there are just so many wannabe Trollops out there rushing around and if they slow down they might decide they are one of us. Honey, that would make us so proud!

T’s are new heavy element

Trixie working on her next blog entry.

June 10, 2016

Oh, lord, honey, my brain is in overdrive with the news Peggy sent me on the Internet about this Vanderbilt University professor and some of his scientist buddies in Oak Ridge what have discovered a new element on the periodic table–to tell you the truth I don’t exactly know what those words mean but Peggy told me it was a very big deal because element 117 is to be named Tennessine and Tennessee will be just the second state to ever have an element named after it–Californium, element 98, was discovered in the 1950’s, according to the article Peggy sent me and I guess that means it was named after California, and oh lord, honey, I will just confess it here, I really did not type all those big words myself but I just cut and pasted them from the article so you could read them the way they were written and not the way my old gnarly hands might type them if I tried to do it –“the name of Tennessee will be in the periodic table in textbooks of physics and chemistry worldwide forever,” according to that Vandy professor but here’s what Peggy said was really important, “Its symbol will be T’s”–oh lord, Honey, do you think some of those scientists might get on their computers looking for Tennessine and come upon us Trollops wearing our T’s shirtsTTT-shirt.jpg

and get us all confused with that Tennessine what they call a “super-heavy element” and put us in some kind of experiment and we would just blow ourselves up? It’s just too much information for my feeble mind to contend with so I think I will just go get me a margarita and sit on my divan and cool off from all this hot weather that we are having that some people say is coming from Climate Change and others in my household (not to mention any names, but by the initials of E.R.) say is just liberal left wing propaganda and whoever said that cows passing gas could ever cause the earth to warm up but to tell you the truth, something sure does seem to be making that happen, but honey, I think the real reason is because of all that heat being raised by Hillary and Donald, who just do not seem to have any manners at all and are just calling each other bad names and I think if they ever do get in the same place and start to try to debate, one of them is likely to just take a pie and squish it in the face of the other one–or I think what Hillary will do is to sneak a pair of scissors in her grandmother’s purse and then instead of shaking his hand she will just reach up and cut off his bangs and he might turn out to be just like Sampson when Delilah cut that boy’s hair or some such stuff. Oh, I sure hope I am watching my TV if that happens, but if it’s on Fox News which is the only channel E.R. allows us to watch, then they will probably cut away and not show it or some such thing.

Oh, and Honey, speaking of TV–did you see where that “Nashville ” show that was dropped by that other channel after 4 years has been picked up by CMT and now we are for sure guaranteed to have 22 more episodes about all the important pieces of life in Music City. Honey, Peggy says this is almost as good as having Downton Abbey back–I don’t know about that because I just could not get into watching all those swells but I do love my friends on Nashville.

So now, I am going to close and Mr. You-know-who has sat his self right down on my foot to let me know what time it is, so I will say goodnight.

Your friend,


PS Somebody asked me how I could still have Strudel around being so active when he must be about 18 years old since he was four years old when Proud Flesh ended. Here’s the scoop–this one is Strudel II.


I have Strudel I’s ashes on my mantel and when I get cremated they will mix those ashes with mine and we will be together for all time–but I think I may have mentioned this to you before. Anyway, I don’t think I will tell II this, so please don’t talk about it the next time we are together if II is in the room.


Mother’s Day


Oh, lord, Honey, I just do not know where the time goes but it has for sure been flying by and now it is almost Memorial Day and I did not even write you about Mother’s Day, which as you are aware is one of the most important days in the whole entire year for us T’s since it is all because we are mothers (or maybe we tried to be a T but weren’t successful or we had a mother who was a T or maybe one of our friends was an early mother or maybe we just like to hang out with T’s–whatever, ’cause you do remember I am sure that our motto is “we are easy but never cheap”) that we are even T’s and, well, Honey, all my four children did seem to have gotten a tiny bit behind on their correspondence and have not as yet sent me a Mother’s Day card, but that is really okay with me because I just do not really think that Hallmark ought to lay guilt trips on every single one of us what have a  mother and tell us we need to send her flowers or cards or candy on one day a year and really and truly, I would just rather that my kids would call me up any old time and tell me they are thinking about me instead of making it all happen on one day in May, but I realize not everybody feels this way and so if you did or did not get something special from one of your young uns I hope you still felt special and you did something nice for yourself like I did for myself when I marched myself down to the Kroger’s flower shop and picked out a little bitty orchid growing in a pot and I put my $15 on the counter and just held my nose up in the air and put my orchid on the table by my front door and I thought about how pretty it is and Honey, even that E.R. noticed it when he came in from his EMT shift and he asked me where it came from and I said a secret admirer and he just smiled and shook his head and pointed to Strudel and I grinned and thought to myself if that little dog had even fifty cents in his pocket (that is, if he had a pocket) why he would for sure buy me a flower because he does for sure love me and so now I just thank him for my orchid every morning and every night and we are both happy.

And, Honey, here is something really weird. That Ginger Manley was strumming through some photos put up by her Face Book friends and she came upon this picture

Pair of shoes in row against wall

of all these white canvas Keds just lined up in a row and then there was one big ole pair of red Converse high tops sitting right smack dab in the middle and it got her giggling and wondering who is trying to move into our group that might not really belong there since they don’t yet have the required shoes and that made her giggle some more and to think about our motto, and so she said they can be T’s pledges if they want to be in red high tops but by the time they get to be initiated, surely to goodness they will have the right shoes since it might be hard to flat foot in those clod hoppers, and Honey, do you know when she has been in parts of the country where folks don’t know about flat footing, she has been asked what it is and one woman even said she had been flat-footed all her life and had been dancing, too, so is that what it means to be a flat-footer! Oh, lord, the things some people will say.

And, here’s the last thing, that Proud Flesh book has now come out in eBook format, meaning if you have a Kindle or a Nook or another type of tablet reader you can just download it and take it with you anywhere if you don’t have room to pack our story in your suitcase or your purse. But somehow one of those Internet stores says a hard cover version of the book will cost $91 and to tell you the truth, I think one of those hackers from Russia or China must have got in there and put that up ’cause even though our story is pretty special, I don’t think there’s anybody going to pay that much to read it.

Strudel says he would, though, if he had $91. Bark! Bark!

Your friend,


Mamas and such

Oh, lord, Honey, what a tiz I have been in these past few weeks what with all the hullabaloo about Proud Flesh–do you know it made it to #4 on the local best-seller list at Parnassus Book store–and then with one of those original T’s having to have surgery to fix her you-know-what and then I heard that that Ginger Manley got dressed up in a formal and high heels and started flat footing to the tune of “Rocky Top” at the state DAR convention with the national grand regent lady sitting there with her big old blue sash and her almost crown but she didn’t seem to be offended because I think somebody sitting near her told her it is required to start dancing when “Rocky Top” is played and she is from Texas so she understands these things pretty well–and then Ginger taking a road trip and riding horses up in the Smokies and being almost exactly next to the Vols football stadium and seeing all those Vol Nation flags a fluttering and me just so happy to receive such nice little fan letters from some of those ladies what have read PF and oh, lord, it is almost enough to make a girl lose her head, but I have kept mine on ’cause that is what my mama, that would be Rainey, rest in peace, taught me to do whenever things came along and she just always told me to not get a big head because by tomorrow it could all blow over and you would just have to keep putting on your panties one leg at a time so that is what I have done even though I did have just one tiny little margarita to celebrate the nice letter written by that lady in Atlanta what read the book and here is what she said–she actually wrote to Ginger but I got to read it–“I just finished reading Proud Flesh and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. First, I wasn’t sure about that title until I read the explanation and now I see how perfectly it applies to your story.  Wow! I am utterly impressed with your writing skills and story-telling.  I especially love the format – interweaving several stories at once producing total harmony at the end.  I confess that I expected a much lighter fare based on Trixie’s blog and your sense of humor, but the depth of the story so uniquely exposed layer by layer caught me off guard, even eliciting tears.  Thank goodness for the ever-amusing, transparent and endearing Trixie, et al. to lighten and actually bring “sanity” to the heavier moments.  In a weird way, the cousins actually provide somewhat of a role model for navigating the hard places in life.  Finally, how much better does it get in the end when all the characters are patting hands… and dancing.  Absolutely loved it! Thanks for a MOST thought provoking yet entertaining book.”

Honey, isn’t that just the nicest letter in the whole wide world, and if that is not enough, this lady in Chattanooga just wrote, “MOST fun to have read every word about Carroll by this morning!!!  I savored the experience, recognized some autobiography, identified with ‘Southern-ness’, was pleasantly surprised by the ending, & appreciated your creativity which wove them all together so well.”

And then, yesterday this other lady wrote and said, “I just finished PROUD FLESH. You have done a great job describing the reality of women of our generation. Job well done.”

Oh, lord, honey, this mail just brings tears to my eyes. I know Ginger Manley was hoping lots of folks would read this book before Mother’s Day even though I cannot tell you why–cross my heart and hope to die if I give away the secret, but I will just say if you do, you’d better have a hankie close by. Which brings me to the fact that next weekend is Mother’s Day and it is the 12th anniversary of the ending of Proud Flesh and honey, every year I live on this earth I just get to be so thankful for being a mother and for having a mother and for what Carroll learned that helped her to move through what she needed to move through and to start dancing again, even though I do not think she would ever dance to “Rocky Top” in her best dress and high heels at the state DAR convention.

Well, you know who is sitting here looking at me like he needs to go tee-tee so I will stop now and say I hope every single one of you what reads this gets to have a nice Mother’s Day and that you will go and do something extra nice for yourself, since it’s possible all those other people who you mothered might not think about it until after the day is over.

Your friend,


Trixie working on her next blog entry.

Proud Flesh goes live

Oh, lord, honey, what a big deal it was last night at that big old Parnassus Book Store in Music City when that lady writer, Ginger T. Manley, when she took to the floorIMG_8776 and began to tell everybody about our story, and oh honey, do I wish I could have been there with my little bitty baby dog, Strudel, but as you may know I have been feeling poorly of late and I just could not get myself all fluffed up to be there much as my heart and soul wanted to be, so I just sat right here in my double wide wearing my white canvas Keds and my ankle socks on and with my iPad right in front of me  and waited for Ginger to send me some photos and Honey, don’t you just know, that almost as soon as that party was over why here came those photographs just streaming themselves through cyberspace and now I feel like I was almost there because I can see some of the people what were there IMG_8789and

then Ginger Manley  raised up her foot and showed everybody what is the official apparel of the Trollops IMG_8787and

then I could even can see her and that husband of hers flat footing IMG_8797and oh, lord, honey I could just feel my feet starting to dance when that lady musician by the name of Kathy Chiavola started singing Rocky Top and then the dancing began and, why honey, that was just the sweetest sound in the whole wide world and I just started to cry from happiness but then Strudel did not know I was happy and he thought something might be sad so he jumped up in my lap and started to lick my face and to bark at the iPad and I guess he was just hoping one of those shop dogs at Parnassus would bark back at him and let him know everything was okey dokey but then we both had to go tee tee so I put my iPad to the side and we took care of our business and then sat ourselves right back down and read what Ginger said about how nice everybody had been and how they listened so politely to my story about Rainey’s (rest her soul) memorial service and they asked lots of questions and one of the people even asked if I wanted Peyton to come back to Tennessee and be a coach for the Vols and honey, do you know what that Ginger said–she said she thought I would be happy with that but I would also really like for him to buy the Titans so he could live right here in Music City and then maybe his wife and little girl would come in to the Beautique Salon and Day Spa and get themselves all fixed up and that would be mighty fine, and to tell you the truth, that was exactly what I would have said if I had been to Parnassus myself last night.

So, I am just so happy and now maybe some more people will want to buy one of those Proud Flesh books themselves and read more about the history of the Trollop Triplets and they can do so by going to the Parnassus web site just like about 10 people who couldn’t make it there last night did and oh, lord, honey, those Parnassus folks told Ginger after she signed her name in those books that they would be sending them right away to the people who ordered them from anywhere in the whole wide world–well, maybe only in the United States, whatever. And I just want to say thank you to all the people out there who are liking us and loving us and who might dance a few steps in our shoesTrolloping shoes, cause you know honey, it’s therapy for your broken heart.

Your friend,


Trixie working on her next blog entry.


It’s here!

Trixie working on her next blog entry.


Oh lord, honey. My knees were just knocking and not because they are artificial ones with metal in them but because I just could not wait for that lady writer to get her mail Mailand then to come over to where I work in the Beautique Salon and Day Spa and show me the very first one ever in the whole wide world Proud Flesh book what she ordered for a proof copy to see if there were any mistakes in it before she told the printer to just open the gates and let that book hit the shelves and the satchels of all those Prime Time Women what she says are the friends of all us Trollops even if we do not know all of them just yet and even if some of them do not yet know they can be T’s just like us and here it is—and, Honey, do you know what, why there was a for sure mistake and so I guess it is like when a baby is born and it has a little something wrong and it has to go right to surgery and get it fixed and then what do you know, a replacement copy came in the mail a few days later and Open (1)

Honey, that little old book is just sparkling perfect and now my story and the story of all us T’s is in real print and starting in about a week just about anybody in the world can order themselves one by calling (615) 953-2243–that would be the number for Parnassus Books here in Nashville, where Ginger Manley is having the first viewing of our book—she calls it a book launch—on April 11, 2016 at 6:30 PM and there is even some information on that store’s web page about the doings and I will be there with Strudel, but I already told you that the last time I wrote and she says it will be about the middle of May before the book will come out as an Ebook so you can just check with one of those Internet book stores after that time but she wants all her friends and their friends to come out to the Parnassus store on April 11 and some of you who come might be lucky enough to get a T’s shirt—isn’t that the cutest thing that a T’s-shirt sounds like a T-shirt—well, it made me laugh anyway, and here’s the thing, I am going to show you one of those shirts right now even though Ginger Manley said I should just let everybody see them at the book party but sometimes I think she needs my help, so here it is

TTT shirt

a real T’s shirt almost just like the Music City Trollops and A-List Book Club were wearing in the book the night Dr. Carroll came to speak to us, and now I wonder if Dr. Carroll will actually want to wear her shirt and maybe she will send us all a picture of her in it, or maybe even better she will show up at that book party in the flesh, so to speak. Oh, lord Honey, I am just about worn out with all these activities and I had better get off the computer in the Beautique Salon and Day Spa because some of those customers may be coming in for their appointments any minute and they will be wanting my full attention, but I just might sneak them a peek of our book since they are probably T’s or T wannabes themselves.

So I will say goodbye for now and I surely do hope to see some of you on April 11 right here in Nashville.

Your friend,


PS And Honey if you want to get in touch with me, just write your name below and send it to me.


Oh, lord, Honey, I am just so excited I might pee my panties even though I have had my bladder all tucked up nicely for more than 5 years now, thank you very much, but that writer lady, Ginger T. Manley, she has given me permission to reveal to the world what the front cover of Proud Flesh looks like—Ta Da!


Isn’t that about the best cover you have ever seen in the whole wide world! She told me she wanted it to be in red, since that is the Trollops’ favorite and special color, and she wanted people to know this was not a honest and truly real story but it is fiction and that is why she told that book jacket designer to put “a novel” right above the main title, and Honey, that did hurt my feelings just a little tiny bit since of course I am right there in the swing of things in about half of that story, but I guess I can see why she did not want folks to think they were reading something that might have really happened, but to tell you the truth, every word in that book all happened to me and to people I love, but she insists it is really just made up and even if that one literary agent told her that she did not think there was anybody in the south like us girls, I was so proud of her for saying right back that if that lady agent thought that then she obviously had never spent any time in a WalMart down here ‘cause we are there in droves, but anyway, this story is just as real to me as it can be and it is about the biography of my life and, Honey, nobody has ever written a biography about me and I doubt anyone else ever will so I am just so grateful to that Ginger T. Manley for setting mine and Peggy and Dr. Carroll’s stories down on paper (or maybe it was on a computer) and then getting it all ready to publish, and Honey, here’s the really exciting thing—these books can be pre-ordered for delivery after March 24 (I will tell you in another blog post in a week or so how to do that) but for those of us what live in and around Music City, why they can just sashay over to that Parnassus Book Store in Green Hills on April 11 at 6:30 and that Ginger T. Manley will be right there in the flesh talking about our story and signing copies of the book, and Honey, I am thinking about coloring my hair again so I will look my very best that night, cause you can bet your bippy I am not going to miss this special event and I think I will even take Strudel along since that book store is dog friendly and they have a couple of shop dogs what work there and who knows, maybe that little bitty boy of mine might even get a job working there and then I could retire from the front desk at the Beautique Salon and Day Spa. Ha! Ha! But I do not think I will invite E.R. to go to this event even though he knows I belong to the Music City A-List Book Club but he does not know how the Trollops Triplets became a part of that book club and I am pretty sure he would get himself all huffy and walk right out just as soon as that Ginger T. Manley starts to talk about us, but I can guarantee you that some of those flesh and blood T’s and lots of T wannabes will be there and it will just be so exciting.

And here is one more thing that has to do with revelations and that is that this weekend just past those Downtown Abbey folks revealed the very last in the whole wide world episode of that story, and oh Lord, honey, I was just so tickled when our very own T, that Edith lady, when she got married to that man who was almost a king and now she is way more rich and powerful than her sister Lady Mary, who by the way, even if nobody really says it aloud much, that Lady Mary was a wannabe T herself cause I am sure she was trying to become a real T when that man died in her bed, but anyway, it was just the happiest ever after story in the whole wide world. And there is something else—that Peyton just revealed that he is done with playing football except maybe in the backyard with those twins of his and, honey, really and truly I think he is just the nicest man in the whole wide world and I will miss him for sure and all of us Vols fans just hope he will move back to Tennessee and we can still see him sometimes ‘cause he is for sure our favorite son and maybe those Republicans will draft him to run for president since he knows how to be a leader and he can talk without being mean and its for sure they don’t have anybody else who even measures up to him, and I for one would vote Peyton for President.

So now I need to go let Strudel out—when he heard he might get a job he told me he will need to make sure they put enough bathroom breaks in his contract since he is an old boy dog and he needs to raise his hind leg to a tree pretty often these days.

Your friend,


P.S. Ginger T. Manley says the woman on the bottom of the cover represents freedom and empowerment from bondage for all Trollops and all women and I am in favor of that, so I said, “hurrah,” and she gave me a big old hug.

PSS. Some of us T’s are dancing on the back cover and she put some of the words I said right next to their picture, but you will just have to buy the book to see what I said.

PSSS. What do you think the T in Ginger T. Manley stands for?

The importance of shoes


Oh lord, Honey, now you probably think that is a younger me on this skate board, but to tell you the truth I am just not going to try that kind of goings on any more now that my two new knees are doing just fine, thank you very much,  and I do not want to fall down and hurt any more of my body parts than happens just in my everyday goings on, but to tell you the truth, this picture was posted on another web site that was telling everybody about the importance of having a good pair of sneakers and I just could not get over how nice those look on Farrah (rest her soul) and how much we girls in the Trollops Sisterhood just love our white canvas Keds that are the official and only required piece of clothing for our little group, and do you know that one of our members, well it was that lady writer Ginger Manley, she was in a discount shoe store recently and she saw row after row of our official shoes just sitting there waiting for somebody to come in and buy them, so I can tell you this, they had better be watching out because in just a few short months, after her new book Proud Flesh comes out why, Honey, don’t you just know that there is going to be a storm of new Trollop wannabes just rushing to their own stores to get their Keds so they can be dressed to the T’s (hee hee!) for their new chapter of the Trollops sisterhood just like all of us Music City A-List Book Club and Trollops members do when we go to our chapter meetings, which we will be having one of real soon but I cannot give you the inside scoop because it is a secret, and anyway we know there are lots and lots of Trollops and friends of Trollops and Trollop wannabes out there and even if you are not an official Trollop, hey, our motto is “We are easy but never cheap,” so if you have ever known a real Trollop or heard of one or had one for a friend or sister or mother then you might qualify to be in the Trollops sisterhood and you had better run yourself right down to the nearest shoe store and get your official white canvas Keds while you can find them so you will be dressed for a chapter meeting, and Honey, here’s one more thing, we are way ahead of that StyleBlueprint story because our Keds made headlines a few years ago in Time magazine’s A-list (isn’t that just the cutest thing—they copied part of our official name) and Honey even that Taylor Swift (did you see her last night at those Grammy awards–even if she has left Music City for the Big Apple we still count her as one of our own), who I don’t think is a Trollop, even she has her own line of Keds and even though they are not exactly our official shoes since they are red, but hey they are pretty close and she definitely likes red cause she named her album after our color, so now I need to stop writing and go let Strudel out to do his business so I will say “nighty-night” and “sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.” Ha Ha!

Now, Honey, I do have one more thing to say and that is that my heart is real heavy because I have recently learned about the passing of one of our Trollops friends by the name of Gaye who subscribed to this blog and she lived all the way out in Washington state and she said she just loved the way I write because it is just so southern and isn’t that about the sweetest thing in the whole wide world and I know all you T’s and wannabe T’s and friends of T’s will join me and say, bless her heart and we will miss you, Gaye.

Your friend,


PS In case you are wondering, here is a picture of our official shoes and the socks we wear with them, but if you don’t like the socks you can wear another kind because, hey, we are easy.

Back to the Basics Sneaker, #ModCloth If all else fails go with some white Ked's.: Gold Toe Women's 3-Pack 3-Pack Anklets Turn Cuff Sock, White, Size 9-11

PSS I think hair is important, too. Just look at the way Farrah’s hair is flying, but, Honey, today I am just grateful to have any hair left on my head, even though it is as white as snow now.Trixie working on her next blog entry.

Super Bowl 50

Oh, lord, honey, can you believe the Super Bowl has come and gone and I did not even think I could get myself ready for all those people to eat that guacamole and Ro-Tel that Calvin and Bruce had me fix and bring to their big old party that they threw in their brand new loft that they have just moved into in downtown Nashville in the Gulch—Honey, did I tell you they are right there living in the midst of all those NOW people what have moved like flies to jelly to live in these gigantic high-rises what were built in the places behind the old train shed and that you have to be a Titans player or a musical artist to even afford to live there but after those boys got married they just put their money altogether in one big bucket and they said they could afford it and lickety split there they are as cozy as can be in their loft and Honey, there must have been a gazillion of their friends right there for that Super Bowl,  and me in the kitchen with Strudel—well, of course, he didn’t want to miss out on anything—trying to keep all those bowls of guacamole and Ro-Tel full and the chips from falling on the floor and getting smashed, and Honey, I didn’t hardly even get to watch Peyton and those Broncos win the game, but I never did doubt even for a minute that they would win, cause, now I’m going to tell you this but you have to swear you will not ever tell another living person—Honey, when I was just about 20-something years old myself—and that was quite a few years ago I must admit even though I will never tell anybody what my real age is today —but Honey, I had the biggest crush on Peyton’s daddy, that would be Archie, but he never knew it cause he was playing ball at Ole Miss and there I was sitting up in my tiny apartment in Knoxville trying to take care of my three baby boys and I never even got to go to a Vols game and see Archie play when the Ole Miss team came to play, but I sure did listen to anything I could find about that Archie and then when he played for the Saints, oh lord Honey, I would just about glue my face to any TV I could find when the Saints were on national TV even though they didn’t win very much—but cross your heart and hope to die, don’t you ever breathe a word of that to anybody cause I sure would not want to embarrass Peyton by his knowing somebody thought his daddy was hot. Anyway, Honey, I have to say I thought that Cam fellow what was the quarterback on the Panthers, I thought he surely did get his old nose way out of joint and just had a temper tantrum when his team lost—I think he and that old Donald Trump are just about alike—they are both sore losers and somebody ought to jerk a knot in their tail for acting like they do, but anyway, now I am back at work at the Beautique Salon and Day Spa and there is nobody coming in to get themselves done up today cause it is snowing in Nashville and you know what happens when it snows so I can just sit here and write my blog without it even bothering anybody.

So I will say goodbye, for now—and I guess you noticed I went back to using a regular font because several people who read my last blog what I wrote in French script said it was too hard on their old eyes to make it out and would I please just not try to be so fancy, so Honey, I guess I will just stick with what I was doing cause if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Your friend,


PS That book about the life story of the Trollops—Proud Flesh is its name—well, I hear tell that the lady writer, Ginger Manley, she is working hard with a graphic artist to get the cover designed and I am just so excited cause she told me it is looking good and that I will be one of the very first people she will show it to and then just as soon as it is done, that book can be published and Honey, I will just be so tickled to have it where I can go and look at it on the shelf of that Parnassus Books.  Course I will not be the one to read out of it aloud or anything, but she says I can come to her book debut and signing there in April and maybe even Strudel can go because you know they have shop dogs in that store and Strudel promises to be on his best behavior.

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